TeachMeet Beaumont

Beaumont School’s first TeachMeet event was held on  Friday 8 November. It proved both valuable to delegates in terms of excellent CPD, but was also a wonderful opportunity to spend an evening networking and enjoying the company of about 70 other like-minded teachers.

TeachMeet Beaumont was a chance for teachers to come along and do something which, at Beaumont School, is key to everything we do – sharing ideas which will help our pupils Enjoy and Excel in their education. From our regular, teacher-led, Learning Lunches to our teacher presentations at local and national level (including at the Achievement Show in London) we have a reputation for developing innovative ideas and sharing them widely – always with a focus on ensuring that our pupils can achieve highly, whilst having a great time.

The TeachMeet was a chance for teachers to come together in an informal way and take charge of their own CPD – to share tips, innovations or simply personal thoughts on anything related to pupil learning.

Our keynote speaker – Mark Sturgen from Dr Challoner’s Grammar School – was a resounding success with his presentation on ‘Creating a Learning Environment’. There then followed presentations by other speakers:

  • Creating a learning culture – Mark Sturgeon
  • Magpie and try- blogs that inspire creative teaching- Gemma Harvey
  • Securing Sixth Form success: identifying essential ingredients – Oli Baggaley
  • Using student research to inform decision making – Dave Bolton
  • The passport to student passion and success – Caroline Creaby
  • 240 million students studied: what has Hattie learned about learning? Ben Hayes
  • Daring to bounce your mindset – Laura Hawkins
  • Sixth form subject mentors- how to use them to improve results- Graham Sargen
  • Gifted and talented at Roundwood Park- Dan Sabato
  • Skills 4 Success – Nat Moody
  • T & L memory pen – Dave Guinane
  • Showing and measuring progress in Sixth Form lessons – Sarah Hosegood
  • Pre-lesson learning – Helen Wilson
  • Learning grids- linking to learn – John Mitchell
  • Google forms- probably the best teaching tool in the world – Simon Warburton
  • The missing link in Education- Joshua Ajitena (Mr. G)

All the presentation slides from the evening can be found here. Further blog posts will follow with reflections from the evening.

See video below “A flavour of Beaumont Teachmeet

You can follow the Beaumont Teaching and Learning team on twitter on @BeaumontTL and the twitterfeed from the evening can be found by looking at #beaumontteachmeet.

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  1. […] was so much more and all these presentations can be found at – https://beaumonttl.wordpress.com/teachmeet-beaumont/ But the real value of the meeting was to meet with teachers from other schools who were like minded […]

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