Teaching and Learning Challenge videos

Beaumont T&L Challenge videos are short video clips where teachers encourage each other to incorporate recommended strategies and resources into their lessons in a specific week. These video clips will be posted here on the T&L Blog. As the year goes on we hope that a useful collection of ideas will be created.

The idea in Challenge week is that teachers

T&L Challenge video1. Watch the video and do the challenge

2. Get a student in their class to sign the Challenge Slip (click on the picture for a link to the challenge slip)

3. Post the slip into the Challenge Box in the Staff Room

4. Have a chance of winning a ‘star’ prize the following week if their slip is selected from the Challenge box.

 T&L Challenge slip




We hope to add some ideas for meeting the challenge with each video clip that is posted here.



T&L Challenge Video number 1

(by Michael Tatham)

Challenge week starts on Monday 22 September.

Take a look at this resource to help students interrogate pictures to do with their learning. Thanks to @gray_aj.

T&L Challenge Video number 2

(by Laura Hawkins (@Beaumontcoach).

Challenge week starts on Monday 10 November.



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