The Teaching and Learning team at Beaumont aim to help support staff in providing opportunities for pupils to Enjoy and Excel in lessons.

We plan and deliver INSET sessions and Learning Lunches, and gather ideas for resources which can be adapted by teachers to their own curriculum area. We know that the teaching team at Beaumont is full of great ideas being used in lessons on a regular basis and hope that through our INSETs; regular communication with staff; this blog and twitter, we can encourage the sharing of all those great ideas throughout the school and beyond.

On this blog you should look out for ideas from the Teaching and Learning Team INSET sessions; tips from other members of staff; and updates on what is happening in Team T&L.

You can also follow us on twitter (@BeaumontTL) where we will send out links to ideas, resources and useful websites whenever we find them. We will be tweeting new blog posts as they happen, and send links by email to staff who aren’t on twitter.

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  1. […] this group’s work as well as a detailed overview of the event, do visit their website – https://beaumonttl.wordpress.com/about/ – which is a developing area of sharing great practice and good ideas which are always […]

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