Our regular Teaching & Learning INSETs are a key feature of the way we share ideas at Beaumont. We post a blog article after each INSET summarising what was covered and the resources which were used or discussed. We also try to add later posts with ideas from staff which came out of discussions, or short posts where staff have shared how they used ideas from the INSET.

Some of the main resources used in the INSETs are added on this page as they become available (or requested by staff):

The Black Box of ideas

At the first Teaching and Learning INSET session of 2013-14 a Black Box was given to all staff. It contained a selection of small cards with Teaching & Learning ideas on them. Through the year, more cards have been added at each INSET, with many of the cards being produced from ideas given by staff at during the previous INSET session. The cards link clearly to our Skills for Success and also have a time guide on the card to help in planning lesson activities. Staff may also add to their own box as time goes by.

A selection of the current cards given out in INSET sessions can be found by following the link:

Contents of The Black Box of ideas


A powerpoint full of Challenge ideas

Creating Buzz (pupil engagement)

The carousel consisted of:


Questioning session powerpoint

The treasure hunt

questioning triangle and answers triangle

Questioning Quails and Fortune teller template


Marking and feedback session powerpoint

Praises and Raises

RAG123 template

Reduce workload increase impact

Tops and Tails Differentiation Strategies 

Top and Tails INSET powerpoint

Top End Tasks

Tail End Tasks

Balance Wheel


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