This page will gradually develop over time to become a place which links to some of the best Teaching and Learning resources we can find. There will be links to websites and other blogs, along with subject specific resources. We aim to include resources from our INSETs and Learning Lunches.

To get started, we are developing a pearl tree to gather together lots of online resources and support for teaching and learning. Why not explore the Beaumont Teaching & Learning pearltree here ?

If you know of a site which would be valuable to other members of staff, perhaps you could let us know by emailing a link to

Resources from INSETs:

Questioning for assessment –  Fortune teller template

Resources from Learning Lunches:

Looking for OutstandingLesson Review and Measuring Progress

DifferentiationSarah Lofthouse presentation

Beat The Clock – Take Away Homework and Plenary Review Grid

Revision Games – Jo Cavanagh presentation

Technology that’s not as hard as you thinkHelen Wilson presentation

Revision sessions resources:

Resources for tutor time sessions for years 7 t0 10

Revision tips video

Measuring Progress board:

The 5 Minute reflection plan

The Takeaway Homework Menu 

Advent Calendar:

Alphabet letters

Scrabble Challenge

Teaching &Learning ideas:

Michael Tatham powerpoint on Pimp!

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