Beaumont T&L Advent Calendar 2014


advent calendar2014After its success last year, the Beaumont Teaching and Learning advent calendar has been re-vamped, given a new look, refilled with a bundle of new T&L treats and is ready to go. Visit the advent calendar (by clicking on the link below) every working day in December and a new window will open, revealing a teaching and learning idea or resource which you can use in your lessons.

Click this link for The Beaumont T&L Advent Calendar

How many ideas will you be able to use or adapt over the next three weeks, or perhaps you want to save a few treats to brighten those dark January days after Christmas? Let us know what you have used and how successful it has been. You can send us your photos or how you have adapted the ideas by tweeting @beaumonttl or by adding a comment to this article. We will post some of the best ideas next year.


THE Advent Calendar

advent calendarWhile the teaching and learning treats have been scattered widely this term, the fun doesn’t end as the count down to Christmas starts. Now it is your chance to get a T&L treat on every working day in December.

My teaching and learning team gave to me…….a T&L advent calendar!

Click on the link below and each day a new door will be added which opens onto a resource or idea or website which you might find useful.

The Beaumont T&L Advent Calendar

Why not set yourself the target of using each idea over the next three weeks? Let us know what you have used and how successful it has been. You can email any of the teaching and learning team or tweet us @beaumonttl.