Learning Lunch – Pupil Presentation

A group of Beaumont staff met together on Fri 13th March for a tasty lunch and a discussion about pupil presentation. We started by trying to guess/work out the national curriculum level for the national curriculum level descriptions for writing (English KS2 NC).  We talked about the expectations on punctuation, grammar and spellings as well as the element on presentation.

Sarah Lofthouse then presented findings from a student questionnaire (see this questionnaire and the PowerPoint which includes graphical data).    We looked at the reasons students give about whether presentation is important or not.  Most students agree that presentation gives a good impression and is useful to them in terms of having clear notes to revise from.

We looked at two statements from our OFSTED report (March 2014) and thought about how important presentation may (or may not) be and what gender differences there are.  We could see that student presentation at our school is generally good but there is a definite slip in presentation from boys from KS3 into KS4 (from data collected from over 100 students).

We brainstormed ideas about the ways we, as classroom teachers, could help students improve their presentation. The ideas which arose are on the last two slides of the powerpoint.