Events coming up

If you would like to attend the Alban Teaching School Alliance (Alban TSA) event on Wednesday 26 March (4.30 – 6.30pm) at Beaumont School please book through the Alban TSA website. The event is called the T&L Takeaway and the Beaumont Teaching and Learning Team will be on hand, sharing ideas and talking about some of the ideas we have been working on and developing.

On Thursday 13 March, a SSAT (Specialist Schools and Academise Trust) event is being held at Beaumont from 9am to 2pm, again with members of Team T&L. This event is focusing on how developing a culture of inspiring teaching and improved independence of learners leads to outstanding A level results. It will be highlighting a number of on-going projects at Beaumont and there will be a chance to talk to members of the Beaumont team throughout the morning. To sign up to this event please email and places are allocated on a first come, first served basisSSAT logo. Further details can be found here.